Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Start-up Blog

Hi Everyone.

I want to thank my niece for helping me start up this blog page.

I hope it becomes a pleasant avenue to vent out my views, opinions, appreciation and frustrations about anything in the news particularly things that Goverment do.

I want to start with the plans of Comelec to buy the PCOS machines. I do not think they should. First, I still doubt the integrity of their system. I am one of the many that believes that transmitted data were diverted and doctored info then relayed to their intended destinations. Second, with the Government's record on maintenance, I think it is foolhardy to buy and just store these machines. It will just deteriorate and, in all likelihood, become obsolete, come the next election. UNLESS, someone is again making money, then they will force the issue.

Let us not be mesmerized by their beauty queen. They are attempting to divert attention.